2 New Ideas for Lunch-Box Meals

Say goodbye to boring lunches—Country Crock Chef Normajean has plenty of lunchbox inspiration to go around (and your family is sure to eat it all up).

“One of my favorite school-lunch memories,” says Chef Normajean, “is opening the tinfoil my mother had wrapped around a hot egg sandwich and finding it still deliciously warm and gooey.” 

Give your family some gooey memories of their own by browning grilled cheese in the morning, slicing it into strips and wrapping it in foil. Try this recipe for starters. 

Here are some other boredom-busting lunches your crew will eat right up:

Crispy Baked Chicken Fingers
Crispy Baked Chicken Fingers
Whip up a batch, wrap it in foil and send with a bowl of low-fat ranch dip. Add a bag of fresh veggies on the side for some double-dipping pleasure. Get the recipe here

Leftover Lovins - Autumn Casseroles
Leftover Lovins – Autumn Casseroles
And don’t forget last night’s delicious dinner. Scoop a reheated serving into a thermos and you may just discover it’s your family’s favorite kind of comfort food. Here’s a great dinner recipe to consider.