Thanksgiving Sides

Sure, the turkey gets most of the fanfare, but let’s be honest. What really makes it Thanksgiving is Grandma’s famous candied sweet potatoes, Aunt Joan’s green-bean casserole and Mom’s caramelized butternut squash. 

And don’t forget that big, steaming bowl of creamy mashed potatoes. 

Those made-with-love veggie side dishes bring a special sort of heart-warming flavor to the table like nothing else can, making Thanksgiving more flavorful, well-rounded, and delicious—especially when paired with a dollop of Country Crock®. 

With that annual family feast just a few weeks away, it’s not too early to start dreaming up a festive menu that will leave your crowd speechless. Here are a few Crock Country favorites that could become the newest traditions on your Thanksgiving table. Enjoy!