A mother and child making cookies demonstrating easy baking tips for baking with kids.

Tips for Baking with Kids

Baking isn’t just about making delicious treats—though we all love that part!—it’s also a great way to spend time with your family and bring out their creative side. With these simple family baking tips you can bring out the best in your cookies and your kids.

Get the kids involved

Build a routine around baking to get everyone in the right mindset and ease kids into the activity. Dedicate a few materials to baking – a colorful vinyl placemat, a step stool, or a special apron – and make gathering these things the first step of every recipe.

Safety first! Make sure to:

  • Wash hands
  • Keep sharp things out of reach
  • Use oven mitts for handling hot trays
  • Have adult supervision

Read through the recipe with your kids before you start baking. It will help them learn to follow instructions and feel prepared for what’s coming up!

Keep it clean. Yes, there are ways to contain the mess! Try taping wax paper over your work surface for easier cleanup, and keep a couple of damp towels handy because your kids will want to touch everything.

Get a peek at how one family bakes together and gets all the kids involved.

For good measure

Gradually spoon dry ingredients into a measuring cup and level off with a spatula.

Country Crock is easy to mix right out of the fridge! Keep Country Crock® refrigerated until ready to use, then use a spatula to scoop into a measuring cup and level off.

Baking jobs for every age:


3 and up: gather baking tools, pour and stir pre-measured ingredients, decorate cookies, tear or crumble up ingredients


5 and up: measure ingredients, scoop dough onto cookie sheet


8 and up: crack eggs, help read the recipe


10 and up: follow the recipe, chop ingredients (under supervision), operate the electric mixer (under supervision), use the oven, use simple math to measure ingredients

Good things happen when we bake

Baking is a chance to get creative and build confidence. Encourage learning opportunities and go in with lots of patience, because there will be questions. Most importantly: have fun!

Watch to learn more about all the good that happens when we bake.

Get started

Our easy Make It Yours™ Cookie Recipe is the perfect starting place to dream up new flavors together.

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