Give Thanks, Give Back

A Feel-Good Thanksgiving Feast

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Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful and share with others. We've teamed up with Idaho® Potatoes and Feeding America® to make it easy to help your community; now through November 30, 2015, when you buy 2 tubs of Country Crock you’ll help feed families in need*.

We’ve also made it easy to feed your own family with a simple Thanksgiving menu! Start with these family-friendly recipes & tips to make the big meal one to remember.

Plan Your Thanksgiving Menu

Fill your holiday table with real taste from real ingredients. These are comforting classics the family will love, made from wholesome ingredients you’ll feel good about.

  1. Kids will love to help spread seasoning under the turkey’s skin, and little hands are perfect for the job.

    Holiday Roasted Turkey

    Serve a simple, savory turkey to honor Thanksgiving tradition.

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  2. Feel-good moment: Your dish helped provide potatoes to families in need!

    Crock Creamy & Delicious Mashed Potatoes

    Classic creamy mashed potatoes made with Country Crock’s simple buttery spread are a must-have.

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  3. We love it: Ready in 10 minutes

    Cranberry-Orange Spiced Green Beans

    Tangy cranberries & buttery pumpkin spice make green beans delicious & kid-friendly.

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  4. Teaching moment: PatienceThis recipe is simple, but requires watchful stirring & waiting. A great way to learn patience at any age!

    Easiest Ever Spoonable Cornbread

    Part pudding, part bread, all gone at the end of the meal.

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  5. Tip: Fresh or frozen, any veggies your family likes will work!

    Thanksgiving Family Fav Veggie Casserole

    Country Crock + cheddar + crunchy crumb topping = tasty veggies everyone loves.

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