Simple Family Friendly Meals and Snacks

Simple Family-Friendly Meals & Snacks

As warm weather fades and busy school year schedules begin to take over, it’s important to take time to gather around the table. With our simple buttery spread it’s easy to bring farm-fresh ingredients to life, and your favorite people together. Get inspired with these family-friendly recipes and tips, from simple sides to after-school snacks.

Easy Veggie Sides

Use these last sunny days to bring friends and family together for an outdoor feast. Farm-fresh summery sides made with our simple buttery spread will be a hit at your BBQ.

Weeknight Dinner Winners

To get back into the weeknight family dinner routine, try dishes that are quick and easy to make, so you get more time at the table with the family.

Simple After-School Snacks

After-school snacks create a great chance to catch up on the school day and check in with the kids before activities and homework time.

Spread Simple Goodness

Let the natural goodness of food shine through with simpler Country Crock buttery spreads. It’s the country fresh taste your family knows and loves, now made with simpler ingredients like a delicious blend of oils, purified water and a pinch of salt.

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