How to Sauté Vegetables

How to Sauté Vegetables
Sautéed Vegetables
Come evening, you’re in the home stretch. Almost through with the day. The last thing you need is for your kids to pick at their dinner and decide it’s not for them. Enter sautéed vegetables.

What are Sautéed Vegetables?
“Sauté” means “jump” in French, as in, when a chef moves a pan around quickly over the burner so that the food looks like it’s jumping around the pan. Sautéed vegetables means they keep their crunch while retaining much of their nutritional value. Because you can sauté with Country Crock® and your favorite seasoning, they’ll also taste great.

How to Sauté Vegetables
The key to sautéing vegetables is the sauté temperature. The pan needs to be really hot, but not smoking before you add the vegetables. If the pan is too cool, the vegetables won’t sauté properly and could stick to the pan.

MELT a little bit of Country Crock® into a wide pan or skillet, and start to heat. Your pan needs to be big enough so all the vegetables touch the bottom. You might need to sauté in two batches.

CUT your vegetables into equal, bite-sized pieces so they all cook for the same length of time. If some vegetables are denser than others, cut those into slightly smaller pieces.
SAUTÉ the vegetables. Leave them to soak up the Country Crock® in the pan, then stir the vegetables a few times. It should take only a few minutes.

Which Vegetables Can I Sauté?
The best thing about sautéed vegetables? The variety! Any vegetable can be sautéed. If your kids love some vegetables, but claim to hate others, sauté the different vegetables together and your kids may be more likely to try them. Because sautéing is so versatile, sautéed vegetables is a year-round dish. Here are a few seasonal ideas to keep the dish fresh any time of year!

WINTER: Take advantage of hearty butternut squash being in season with the Simply Sautéed Winter Vegetables.

SPRING: Sauté sugar snap peas and asparagus into a perfect crisp, crunch with our Simply Sautéed Spring Vegetables.

SUMMER: For a light and hydrating take on sautéed vegetables, try our Simply Sautéed Summer Vegetables with cherry tomatoes and zucchini.

FALL: Mix up the classic green beans with some almonds and cranberries in our Simply Sautéed Fall Vegetables.