Teach Your Family Junk-Free Habits

Teach Your Family Junk-Free Habits
Even if we can bribe, trick, or nag our family into eating nothing but healthy stuff at home, what happens when they step out the door? At the first hint of freedom will they dive headfirst into a pile of sweets and devour everything we’ve been withholding?

Here are some tips on instilling healthy habits that go the distance:

Be a matchmaker.
Help your family fall in love with food by introducing them to lots of delicious options early and often. Families who are used to color, spice, and variety will have less interest in monotone meals of fried foods and processed desserts. And remember: If your munchkin isn’t feeling any love at first bite, don’t give up. It can take 8 to 10 times of trying a new food before a person warms up to it.

Serve “sometimes” foods.
Instead of banning every hint of sugar and fat, show your families that some foods are just for sometimes. Treating yourself now and then is a great part of a healthy lifestyle.