A baker’s dream, Country Crock Baking Sticks allow you to get baking right away with no time waiting around for butter to soften! Unlike regular butter which typically takes 45 minutes to soften, Country Crock Baking Sticks are ready to mix right out of the fridge into your cookie dough, cake batter, or pie crust. No softening needed for delicious baked goods! Made with sunflower oil, with 45% less saturated fat then butter*, Country Crock Baking Sticks are perfect for easy baking. Sourced from the goodness of plants, it’s perfect for moms on-the-go. Shhhhh, it’s her new secret.

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Try a little something new! From apple pie to pumpkin muffins, check out our new e-Cookbook! Featuring our Country Crock Baking Sticks, our recipes save you time, so you can have more fun baking and eating these delicious treats with your family.


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Where food and family come together, Country Crock is helping families have fun together by making baking easier! Use Country Crock Baking Sticks to make delicious pies, cookies, cakes, and more!

*Country Crock Baking Sticks: 11 g total fat, 3.5 g saturated fat; Butter: 11 g total fat, 7g saturated fat.