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Country crock - Nurturing our roots

Nurturing Our Roots  

We believe in nurturing our roots—whether that means partnering with farmers to create more sustainable farming practices, or by caring for the land itself in all kinds of ways.

By responsibly sourcing palm oils, committing to sustainable packaging, and supporting animal welfare, we’re proud to play a part in protecting our environment.

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The Cover Crops Project

As part of The Cover Crops Project, we’re partnering with farmers to protect their soil for generations to come.

Welcoming Everyone to the Table

Treating everyone like family means leading with kindness and celebrating diversity.

That’s why we’re partnering with non-profits focused on under-served minority communities in the fight against food insecurity. So far, we’ve donated $50,000 to the National Black Food and Justice Alliance, DC Greens, the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, and Daily Table. These non-profits are serving diverse communities all across the country. We’re excited to continue to find new ways to support them.

Savoring Every Moment

We always take our time—whether it’s to perfect our craft of slow-churning buttery spreads, or to spend just a little bit longer at the family dinner table. 

That’s why we helped families all over the country celebrate birthdays together, even during shelter-in-place. From April through August, we partnered with bakeries across the U.S. to bake and deliver over 1,000 birthday cakes as part of our Homebound Birthday program.



Encouraging a Sense of Discovery

We’re constantly looking for new ways to learn, grow, and invite change. Along with our parent company, Upfield, we’re leading the charge on creating a better, plant-based future. By bringing plant-based products into the mainstream, we’ve already made a huge difference—and we can't wait to keep going.

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