Sunflower Oil Benefits: 5 Things To Know

Sunlflower Oil Benefits | Country Crock®
Loaded with vitamin E and good fats, sunflower oil doesn't just come from a beautiful flower, it is a great choice of oils for you and your family.

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1) Sunflower oil is an excellent source of Omega-6 LA1, which is an essential fat that the human body does not produce on its own. In fact, some studies have concluded that the use of sunflower oil over other oils can be correlated with a reduction in bad cholesterol.2

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2) Sunflower oil is also an excellent source of Vitamin E3, an important nutrient that is often under-consumed in the American diet. Getting enough Vitamin E is associated with a reduction in chronic disease, such as hypertension and diabetes among other positive benefits.4

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3) Sunflower oil is rich in "good fats", also known as unsaturated fats. They are called “good” for a reason: a diet including unsaturated fats instead of saturated fats may help lower the risk of heart and chronic disease.5 6 7

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4) It's not just its neutral flavor that makes sunflower oil the natural choice for cooking: sunflower oil's high smoke point makes it the perfect choice for sautéing and caramelizing veggies and meats.

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5) Did you know that sunflowers are actually ancient plants with a mythology that dates back to Greek times? Up to twelve feet in height, these sun-worshipping plants are found all over the world, from Provence to Argentina, twisting their stalks like a sunbather to face the sun as it rises and sets.

1 Contains 4g of Omega-6 LA per serving which is 24% of Daily Value for LA
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3 1 serving (1Tbsp) is 66% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance for Vitamin E
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