Time-Saving Tips for Mom

3 Time-Saving Tips for Mom

As a Mom, you may find that it’s difficult to “find the time.” With meal planning, homework, work meetings, practices, deadlines, appointments, and family commitments, a little extra time would be greatly appreciated. Elizabeth M. Ward, MS, RD, mother of three and author of MyPlate for Moms, How to Feed Yourself & Your Family Better, understands how precious time is for Moms and offers three simple, time-saving tips in the kitchen:


Pack lunch at dinner.  “Make lunch for the next day immediately after dinner so you only have to clean up once,” says Ward, “and have the whole family get involved!”  Ward says that this trick saves her family 10-15 minutes so they do not need to rush in the morning.

One sauce, two dishes.  “I often create a simple sauce that I can use on veggies one night and with a chicken or seafood dish the next,” comments Ward.  Ward suggests Broccoli Francaise  made with Country Crock ® .  The bright citrus Françoise sauce is delicious on broccoli and also on chicken.

Keep it clean.  Remove time-consuming distractions and interferences by maintaining a clean, organized working area in the kitchen.  “Not only will it give you the space you need to prepare a meal in a snap,” says Ward, “but it will help you keep food safe for your family.”