Festive Desserts

Festive Desserts: Recipes and Tips from Chef Normajean
It’s beginning to look a lot like baking season—and we couldn’t be merrier. Here in Crock Country, the only thing we love more than veggies is…goodies. Not your everyday, cookie-cutter variety either. No siree. When we whip up our holiday treats, we want nothing less than delectable.

Here are some sweet tips from our own Chef Normajean to make your holiday a dazzling success:

  • •Country Crock® is one of your best friends in the baking kitchen—always soft and ready to be stirred right in. Plus, it scoops perfectly, measures easily, mixes instantly and bakes beautifully.

  • •Top off your holiday cookies with a quick, simple glaze of Country Crock® instead of butter to save on calories and saturated fat**. Just melt a few tablespoons of Country Crock®, mix in some confectioners’ sugar (to desired thickness), drop in some food coloring and brush it on.

  • •Bring any of these “blink-and-they’re-gone” delights to your next holiday event and you’ll be the hit of the party: