Veggies: More Than a Side Dish

Veggies: More Than a Side Dish
It didn’t happen all at once. Way back when, the holiday tables in Crock Country were filled with turkeys, hams and the occasional salmon—just like everywhere else. But even then, it was always the veggie dishes that vanished first.  

Until, eventually…everything but the veggie dishes vanished. Right off the menu. 

That’s where the people of Crock Country find themselves today. Holiday hosts around here don’t even bother plopping a large chunk of meat onto the table anymore. Not when they can enjoy a houseful of raving guests by simply serving what everyone loves best: veggie dish after veggie dish. 

Roasted, steamed, baked, mashed, grilled, braised, glazed, and raw—it’s all part of the feast. As long as it’s a vegetable. 

Give these Crock Country faves a whirl on your table this year. But don’t be surprised if they disappear faster than Uncle Vincent’s holiday manners.