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That's why, in the making of all our products, we start with farm-grown, plant-based oils and slow churn them to buttery perfection with water and a touch of salt.

It’s this commitment to farm-grown goodness that has earned us a place at the center of family tables for generations with a familiar, creamy taste you can count on.

Whether it's Sunday morning pancakes or your family's secret mac n' cheese recipe, Country Crock® is that extra-special touch that brings families together at mealtime. Just the way it always has.

New Country Crock® Plant Butter

And if you love Country Crock®, you’ll also love new Country Crock® Plant Butter, our first dairy-free and plant-based butter. We designed it for people who love the taste of butter but are looking to move toward a more plant-based diet. Our delicious Plant Butter is also great for cooking and baking!


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