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Do you have a question about a product or recipe? We're here to help. Find all of the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Country Crock® here.

About Us

  • What’s included in the range of Country Crock® products?

    Our spreads come in Original, Light, Churn Style, and Calcium tubs. We also have Country Crock® unsalted and salted Baking Sticks. Country Crock® Plant Butter sticks come in Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, and Almond Oil. Plant Butter tubs come in Olive Oil and Almond Oil.

  • How is Country Crock® different than dairy butter?

    Country Crock® is a spread made with oils from plants, whereas butter is made with milk or cream from cows. Country Crock® has less saturated fat per serving than dairy butter, but still has a delicious buttery taste. Country Crock® products also tend to be softer out of the fridge for easy spreading.

    Country Crock® sticks and tubs contain between 1g and 5g of saturated fat per tbsp, depending on the product. Butter contains 7g saturated fat per tbsp.

  • Where can I buy Country Crock® products?

    Check out our Store Locator to find a store near you that sells Country Crock®.

  • How does Country Crock® Plant Butter differ from other Country Crock® products?

    While all our delicious products are made with oils from plants, they differ in terms of dairy and usage:

    Country Crock® Plant Butter does not include dairy ingredients and is tested as dairy free by Upfield. Country Crock® Original, Churn Style, and Calcium do not include dairy ingredients but are not tested as dairy free. Other products, specifically Country Crock® Light and Country Crock® Baking Sticks do contain dairy ingredients. The product labels are clearly marked to help guide you through your Country Crock® spread choices.

    Baking and Cooking: Country Crock® Plant Butter can be used 1:1 for butter in recipes. Country Crock® Original tubs have a lower fat content than butter so they cannot be substituted 1:1 in every recipe.

  • What is the Country Crock® Original Canola Oil Blend product?

    Glad you asked! It tastes like Country Crock® Original, but we’ve used canola oil instead of soybean oil. It is a limited-edition item made by us in Germany to help our US production ensuring that you can find our products. It will be gone soon. Get it while you can!
  • Why is Country Crock® Original Canola Oil Blend a bonus pack?
    It’s 17.3oz instead of 15oz. 15% more! Enjoy!

Our Ingredients & Nutritional Information

  • Is Country Crock® better for me than dairy butter?

    Country Crock® products are all made of plant-based oils – a source of good fats.

    Because we use plant-based oils, all our Country Crock® products contain less saturated fat than dairy butter, as well as zero cholesterol:

    Product Calories Saturated Fat Omega-3 and Omega-6
    (Good Fats)
    Dairy Butter 100 7g 0.4g 31mg
    Country Crock® Original 50 1.5g 2.5g 0mg
    Country Crock® Light 35 1g 2g 0mg
    Country Crock® Churn Style 50 1.5g 2.5g 0mg
    Country Crock® 8% Daily Value of Calcium Per TBSP 45 1.5g 2.5g 0mg
    Country Crock® Baking Sticks 100 3.5g 4g 0mg
    Country Crock® Plant Butter Tub with Almond Oil 100 4g 4g 0mg
    Country Crock® Plant Butter Stick with Almond Oil 100 5g 1.5g 0mg
    Country Crock® Plant Butter Tub with Olive Oil 100 4g 4g 0mg
    Country Crock® Plant Butter Stick with Olive Oil 100 5g 1.5g 0mg
    Country Crock® Plant Butter Stick with Avocado Oil 100 5g 1g 0mg

    Because Country Crock® is made with plant-based oils, the product is an easy way to add essential fats and omega-3s to a healthy diet.

  • Are Country Crock® products gluten-free?

    None of our products contain gluten ingredients. All Country Crock® products are tested as gluten-free (as defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) by Upfield except for Country Crock® Baking Sticks. Please also refer to the product labels, which are clearly marked to help guide you through your Country Crock® spread choices.

  • Are Country Crock® products Kosher?

    All Country Crock ® products are certified Kosher, except for the Country Crock® Original Canola Oil Blend 17.3oz Bonus Pack. It is a limited-edition item made by us in our plant in Germany to help our U.S. production meet the high demand for our products, which has increased due to more people are eating at home during the pandemic.

  • Are Country Crock® products okay for vegan diets?

    Country Crock® Plant Butter is suitable for vegan diets.

    Upfield defines “vegan” as food products that are made with no animal-derived ingredients. A “vegan diet” includes Plant-Based foods and strictly excludes foods produced with animal-derived ingredients (such as meat, milk and eggs). “Plant-Based” food products are made with plant ingredients (such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds and/or legumes) and no animal-derived ingredients.

  • Is Country Crock® dairy-free?

    Product Free from Dairy and Lactose Ingredients? Tested in production as Dairy Free?
    Country Crock® Original Yes No
    Country Crock® Calcium Yes No
    Country Crock® Churn Style Yes No
    Country Crock® Light No No
    Country Crock® Baking Sticks No No
    Country Crock® Plant Butter Yes Yes
  • Does Country Crock® contain cholesterol?

    No, all our spreads and sticks are completely cholesterol-free.

  • Given you sell Country Crock Plant Butter with Almond Oil, is it safe to consume all the other Country Crock products
    if you have a severe almond allergy?
    Consumers who are avoiding almond ingredients should not consume Country Crock Plant Butter with Almond Oil but may consume other Country Crock products. The almond oil we use in our Country Crock Plant Butter with Almond Oil products is highly refined in such a way that it doesn’t contain almond protein – the protein that is the allergy trigger. However, we put “may contain almond protein” on the Almond Oil Plant Butter product packaging out of an abundance of caution. We encourage consumers who are concerned with allergens to read the ingredients listed on our product labels before consuming.
  • What are "Plant Butter" or "Plant-Based" butters? How do they differ from butter?

    A plant-based butter is a dairy-free product made with oils from plants. Dairy butter is a dairy product made with cream or milk from cows. Our Country Crock® Plant Butter was specifically created to taste like dairy butter and be great for cooking and baking.

  • Does Country Crock® contain artificial ingredients?

    The primary ingredients of Country Crock® products are a blend of plant-based oils, water, and salt.

    Country Crock® products contain no artificial preservatives or flavors, including: Country Crock® Original, Light, and Churn Style spreads as well as our new Country Crock® Plant Butter sticks and tubs. Instead we use ingredients like vinegar to maintain product taste and freshness.

    Country Crock® Calcium and Baking Stick products are made with a common food preservative call potassium sorbate, a type of salt that is used to maintain freshness.

  • Why use palm oil?

    Palm oil, which comes from the flesh of the palm plant, is a harder Plant-Based fat that gives our products the right consistency so that they can be spread easily.

  • Is the palm oil certified sustainable?

    We use palm oil in some of our products for taste and texture. As a proud member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), in 2019 we are committed to sourcing 100% of our palm oil from physically certified sources and ensuring that the palm oil in our supply chain is traceable. Please visit to learn more about our commitment.

Cooking & Baking With Country Crock

  • Can I bake and cook with Country Crock® Spreads?

    Yes! Country Crock® is great for cooking and baking. Certain Country Crock® products can be swapped 1:1 for butter in cooking and baking recipes: Country Crock® Baking Sticks and Country Crock® Plant Butter sticks and tubs. The rest of our products have lower fat content and cannot always be swapped 1:1, particularly in baking. You can find all the right measurements in our Country Crock® "Recipes”.

  • Can I bake with salted sticks?

    Both our Salted and Unsalted Country Crock® Baking Sticks are perfect for baking. Either one will work – it’s all about your personal preference.

  • Is Country Crock® Honey Spread available?

    Our Honey Spread has been discontinued. To make your own, just mix honey and cinnamon into our Country Crock® Original for a dab of buttery sweetness on your favorite baked goods!


  • What’s the best way to store Country Crock® and keep it fresh?

    Always refrigerate the product after every use and use a clean knife every time you dive in.

  • Can I freeze Country Crock®?

    Country Crock® Baking Sticks and Country Crock® Plant Butter tubs and sticks can be frozen. Our other Country Crock® tub products are most delicious when they are fresh – so we don’t recommend freezing them.

  • Are the containers microwave and dishwasher safe?

    Our tubs are not dishwasher-safe or microwaveable. They can be recycled and hand-washed to use again.


  • Are your tubs recyclable?

    All our plastic tubs and lids are recyclable. To learn more on recycling in your area, visit

  • Can I recycle the box for the sticks?

    Yes, the cartons for Country Crock® Plant Butter sticks and Country Crock® Baking Sticks are recyclable. The inner wrappers that cover each individual stick are not recyclable.