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Although country music sounds great in a stadium, it started out in the heart of the country. That’s why we’re partnering with iHeartRadio, Martina McBride, and some of country music’s biggest rising stars to celebrate all things country.


The Lineup

Country Crock

Martina McBride

Raised on a dairy farm in the small town of Sharon, Kansas, we’re proud to say that Martina is a long-time neighbor of ours. In addition to being nominated for 14 Grammy awards, she’s the author of multiple cookbooks. We’re honored to celebrate great music—and great food—alongside this country music legend.

Gabby Barrett

Spotlighted on several “Ones To Watch” lists for 2020, Gabby Barrett has quickly taken the country music world by storm. Her multi platinum debut single “I Hope” reached #1 on the country radio charts, is 2020’s most-streamed Country song to date, and has earned her a CMA nomination for Single of the Year. Boasting an additional CMA nomination and ACM nomination, Gabby is proving to be a rising star.

Jimmie Allen

An epitome of hard work and never giving up, Jimmie made history as the first Black artist to launch a career with two consecutive #1 hits on country radio: “Best Shot” and “Make Me Want To.” His unique fusion of country, rock, R&B, and pop has proven a hit with listeners everywhere and this year, he’s nominated for his first CMA, joining Gabby in the New Artist of the Year category.

Journey at a Glance


September 29
To kick things off, Martina McBride will journey to our iconic red barn to interview up-and-coming country music sensation Gabby Barrett.
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October 8
Martina will return to the red barn for an exclusive interview with yet another rising country star—Jimmie Allen.
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October 26
Alongside the biggest names in country, we’ll go behind-the-scenes with Gabby Barrett at her first iHeartCountry Festival performance.
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November 19
Gabby and Jimmie will join Martina for exclusive, one-of-a-kind acoustic performances set—where else?—in our red barn.

December 8
Jimmie will sit down with Jim DeCola, an expert luthier at Gibson guitars. Jim will give us—and Jimmie—a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the art of guitar-making.
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December 15
In an up-close-and-personal interview, Martina will share never-before-heard stories about her upbringing in Kansas and her life as a country music sensation.
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December 22
We’ll recap the most unforgettable moments of the entire journey. Relive exclusive solo performances and interviews with Martina, Gabby, and Jimmie.
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