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Better for your family – and the planet

Country Crock ® Plant Butter is made with plant-based oils, so it has 25% less saturated fat per tablespoon serving than dairy butter. And did you know that the production of Country Crock ® Plant Butter results in less than half the carbon emissions than the production of dairy butter? That means, if everyone in the US made the switch, more than six billion pounds of CO2 a year would be saved. That’s like taking more than 1.3 million cars off the road!1

Country Crock® Plant Butter cooks and tastes just like dairy butter. Try for yourself – these delicious plant-based recipes will not disappoint!

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Country Crock® Plant Butter is perfect in all your favorite recipes. Check out our Country Crock® Plant Butter recipes for some inspiration!

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1 Sources: *Quantis Consulting perform Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) according to ISO 140140 and 14044 standards (ISO 2006a, ISO 2006b) for public disclosure of results, including and independent peer review with three independent experts.